the old oak

one day i was a walking through golden fall forest in clear morning light
there i spied a young maiden i asked her dear lady need you help of mine
she sat under an old oak and told me her story ‘til morn turned to night
i sat listening spellbound and as she spoke softly my love grew in time
magic under the oak

once there was an elf princess and under this old oak she'd sit and sing
her voice rang through the forest and to those who heard it love it did bring
roram was a brave soldier, he'd led men to battle and back home again
as he passed through the forest he heard valia singing and it drew him in
magic under the oak

they met under this old oak and talked through the evening while stars shined above
and here under this old oak they met every evening while they fell in love
valia asked of her father the king of the elves can a mortal be wed
yes my dear little daughter, but you'll become mortal is what the king said
magic under the oak

they were wed by this old oak and went off to roram's home for there to dwell
then came their little daughter, she brought so much pleasure they knew all was well
one day there came a calling for roram to battle and so he went
valia feared she might lose him so for a great wizard she asked to be sent
magic under the oak

valia asked of the wizard to guard here sweet husband to protect his life
he said roram's protected the cost is your daughter must come be my wife
your child when she is eighteen must come to your old oak for me to meet
or if met by a stranger who speaks to her magic words she will be free
magic under the oak

she sat under the old oak and looked into my eyes while tears touched he cheeks
she said i will be eighteen at midnight tomorrow i've feared it for weeks
i reached out for her soft hand and peered at this beauty with soft eyes of blue
i said though I've just met you and these words may sound strange dear but i love you
just then there was a flash of light and before us was her wizard of old
you are now free from my bond to this bargain my dear i will not hold
we wed under the old oak and for twenty-five years things have not been tame
i've loved her through the years and though ten children later i don't know her name