rolling home
by bill wilson

now i'm fifty miles out of missoula,
i-90's all covered with snow,
ain't it funny how this weather can fool ya,
from spokane to star, idaho,
and i'm thinkin' this old highway can rule ya,
and i'm looking for a pay phone to use,
and i'm making the best of this test they call "paying your dues"
and baby you go crazy it seems,
counting the days in between,
all the lonely nights wrapped up in dreams,
sleeping alone
so i'm gonna let it keep ringin' this time,
'til i hear your hello on the line,
or am i too late in saying that i'm,
rolling home, rolling home
i've got one more stop in milwaukee,
one more story to tell,
and one more encore sung softly,
and one more way-side motel,
and after one more strong cup of coffee,
and one more slow ridin' day,
will i get one more chance to make you believe what i say.